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How do you ensure that meetings are not just an occasion where everyone has their say without coming to a conclusion? We ask Willeke Bosse from the Academy for Healthcare, part of Avans University of Applied Sciences. Avans University in Brabant consists of 21 faculties. The Academy for Healthcare (AFH) in Breda comprises of about […]

How do you organise meetings with a team that’s so spread out across the globe that it’s difficult to find time slots that everybody is available for a conference call? We ask Matthew Buys, Director of Membership at ORCID.  ORCID is a nonprofit organisation that helps to create a world in which all who participate […]

How do you make your meeting more efficient, without sacrificing its social function? We ask Emiel van der Steen, treasurer of the residents’association Vredenburgh, Emiel explains how Yabbu contributes to the way in which they hold meetings. The residents of Vredenburgh live in a beautiful historic building* in Amsterdam’s city center. They are rented houses […]