Privacy Statement

Privacy is fundamental to Yabbu. Each company or organisation on Yabbu resides in a separate Network that assures the privacy of its Members and the User Content posted in that Network. Here’s how it works:

  • Your Network is defined by your company’s or organisation’s email domain. For example, all users who sign up with a ‘’ email address will become part of the network. To join a Network, you must confirm your organisational email address.
  • Dialogs can be posted and shared with other people, teams and with your organisation. Only the people that start a dialog will be able to share it with: individuals, teams, or with your Network. Additional individuals can be added to the dialog when adding a reply or a comment by all people involved in the dialog. It’s not possible to share a dialog with your networks by any other individual than the one who started the dialog and not at any other time then during the creation of the dialog. Access rights to the dialog are as follows:
    • Dialogs shared with your Network can be accessed by your Network
    • Dialogs shared with a team can be accessed by the team
    • Dialogs shared with individuals can be accessed by these individuals
    • Individuals can be added to a dialog by anyone that has access to the dialog
  • Users can require anyone else in their Network to re-confirm their email address at any time to prove they still belong in that Network. You can use this feature to remove former colleagues. (This functionality will be added soon)
  • We don’t share your private information, such as your email address, with advertisers or any other third party.
  • We use your email address to be able to send you notifications about new sessions and sessions that are closed. In the Notification Settings you can also set if you want to receive an email if you’re mentioned in an email, and shortly for other optional notifications for core features like being assigned to an action item.
  • We also use the email address to send our blog newsletters to people that subscribed. We use MailChimp to send out our product feature updates and blog newsletters and we have a data processing agreement with MailChimp as required by the GDPR.
  • To monitor the performance of our website we use Google Analytics, but we use it with all options for sharing information turned off and we have a data processing agreement with Google as required by the GDPR.
  • Companies who claim their Network own the User Content created by their employees. Until that point, Users own their own User Content. Yabbu does not own User Content. Organisations can request that messages posted to their Network be securely exported to a company designated destination for archival and backup purposes. Contact Yabbu if the latter is requested.
  • Yabbu’s administrative tools do not allow our employees to view messages in a Network. Access to our database is granted only to our technicians on a case-by-case basis to troubleshoot specific technical issues, or as may be required by law. Each such instance is logged.
  • Yabbu appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO). If you have questions with regard to privacy or implementation of GDPR you can contact the DPO via