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Christian Zierleyn

Is there a place where there are more meetings than in government? I don’t think so. I’ve been an alderman in the municipality of Weesp, close to Amsterdam, and my working life back then was one long succession of meetings. I wish I had had a tool like Yabbu back then to create some space […]

Willem @ Yabbu

We’re addicted to communication. There seems to be a continuous stream of messages on your smartphone, tablet and laptop? But when is this really useful and when is it a distraction? Is there another way to discuss important and complex topics instead of endlessly calling and sending messages? In a previous blog we gave tips […]

Alexandre @ Yabbu

We regularly blog about how you can work smarter. But who are we? And why do we do what we do? That is why we will now let you discover who is working at Yabbu. And not unimportantly, why do we work so hard to reach your business? Recently you could read about founder Willem […]