About us

Agile – Fun – Integrity – Passion

Since our company was founded, two cultures meet each other. On the one hand, people with extensive experience in business, and – unfortunately – with ineffective meetings. They know what they are talking about when it comes to wrongs in meeting behaviour. On the other hand, best in class user experience designers and developers with broad expertise in building easy-to-use applications.

The confrontation between these two cultures bring out the best in our people. Our business people bring up the challenges and concepts, continuously challenging Yabbu, together with our users. Our developers challenge the business without being infected by frustrating meetings.

We make work fun! And you?

Our mission

Free our working life from waste of time

Today's innovation and the ability to anticipate trends are more important than ever. Your organisation will move forward as fast as it is able to make smart decisions. That is exactly what Yabbu is about. It makes your company agile and more compliant at the same time.

Yabbu is a powerful tool in (corporate) cultural change. Corporate meeting behaviour is at the heart of collaboration and defines the heart beat of your corporate culture.

Our top notch consultants will take your change programme to the next level by implementing Yabbu. Change can only be achieved by doing and through leading by example. We have a proven track record in strategy and change management.